Friday, 26 August 2016

Review: Coastal Scents 120 Palette

The first time I came across the brand Coastal Scents was when I was 
subscribed to BellaBox ages ago. They sent me a single eyeshadow pan
matte dark brown/
burgundy colour called 'Deep Roast'.  It was a colour I 
probably wouldn't have chosen if I had the full range of colours in front 
of me to choose from. After a month of eyeing it in my makeup collection
finally tried it and fell in love with how pigmented it is. It became my 
main everyday eye shadow. A little goes a long way, and I enjoyed the
overall quality of this product.

Img Crd:

My husband knew how much I liked Coastal Scents and surprised me 
with the 120 Palette. It was exactly the direction I wanted to go next with
my makeup collection.They have so many great matte and shimmery shades
I have 
tested only about a dozen so far.Their products are cruelty free and
they also offer ingredients to make your own cosmetics. 
If you are thinking
of trying this palette 
or this brand in general I highly recommend their products.


So I've been using this palette for a few months now, and so far created 
heaps of new looks blending 2-4 shades in each look. This palette has 
so many colours that balance each other out so nicely. I love how easy
their formula is to blend, and the colours are so rich.  From Mattes to 
Foiled to Glittery colours, the combinations are endless! Therefore, I highly
recommend you try their products out. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Taking A Stand Against Online Hate

I consider the freedom in writing to be a privilege for those brave enough
to try it. Sometimes we have similar thoughts or ideas and this leads to 
a similar end result. Most rational people would contact the other person 
for an explanation (or to receive credit), and some just let it go. 

A few weeks ago I asked someone who created a hate page for Dani mansutti
 on instagram (which turned out to be Sparkle on Guru Gossiper) why she puts
so much effort into hating Dani Mansutti. And that if she was so concerned to do
something about it or stop this hatred/drama from spilling onto instagram. I
mentioned being a writer and that most of the time you can't stop people from
 copying or reusing your work. Especially, if you have thousands upon thousands
of people who follow your work. It happens.

So, after we spoke on instagram she used my twitter name in my bio, and
went to my twitter only to get my Youtube channel and Blog urls. She went onto
reposting a biased side of the story using screen shots of our conversation on

instagram as well as linking all my social media accounts that she could dig up.

Sparkle went on to call me a fraud defending a fraud, and summed up all my
account stats (incorrectly I may add) to make me look bad I suppose. She never
asked to see my writing or say these nasty things directly to me, which makes
think she loves twisting stories. I am glad to share my side of the story.

I have been a writer for over 10 years (copyrighted), and when I refer to
'my writing' I do not mean this particular blog which was only started
one year and one month ago.  I will post a screenshot of the statistics
my writing below. Three of these are still in-progress, and I have had
 many more online that I have since taken down or published elsewhere.

 Bambi seems just as if not more involved than Sparkle with her attitude and 
assumptions. As I said I am a writer, and no I do not have a Tumblr account. 
Your icon speaks volumes on how little you actually know about lighting. 
Who the hell cares if she uses a bit of contrast? Who cares if it's white or 
yellow lighting? Bottom line, it is her choice to do whatever she pleases
her media. 

UPDATE: Someone under an anonymous named contacted me via twitter to 
inform me that Sparkle is not whom I was speaking to on Instagram. Although,
there are many girls associated with her throughout social media creating accounts
purely for the purpose of 'informing' Dani's followers how awful they believe her to be. That still doesn't change my stance against how they target people who challenge their little hate campaigns. 

This blog is important to me, and I am well aware that I am no where near 
the following I hope to have one day. I know I am not perfect, and never have
claim to be. You may have your opinions about me, but at the end of the day
that won't affect my goals and happiness. 

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