Friday, 26 August 2016

Review: Coastal Scents 120 Palette

The first time I came across the brand Coastal Scents was when I was 
subscribed to BellaBox ages ago. They sent me a single eyeshadow pan
matte dark brown/
burgundy colour called 'Deep Roast'.  It was a colour I 
probably wouldn't have chosen if I had the full range of colours in front 
of me to choose from. After a month of eyeing it in my makeup collection
finally tried it and fell in love with how pigmented it is. It became my 
main everyday eye shadow. A little goes a long way, and I enjoyed the
overall quality of this product.

Img Crd:

My husband knew how much I liked Coastal Scents and surprised me 
with the 120 Palette. It was exactly the direction I wanted to go next with
my makeup collection.They have so many great matte and shimmery shades
I have 
tested only about a dozen so far.Their products are cruelty free and
they also offer ingredients to make your own cosmetics. 
If you are thinking
of trying this palette 
or this brand in general I highly recommend their products.


So I've been using this palette for a few months now, and so far created 
heaps of new looks blending 2-4 shades in each look. This palette has 
so many colours that balance each other out so nicely. I love how easy
their formula is to blend, and the colours are so rich.  From Mattes to 
Foiled to Glittery colours, the combinations are endless! Therefore, I highly
recommend you try their products out. 

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